segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2009

Possivel roteiro de RPM.

Na net há um texto que supostamente seria de RPM.Vou posta-lo na integra em Inglês e resumi-lo:

"In the first take, we were instructed to run towards the constructed Bio-sphere entrance (there was no entrance really, but through camera angles, we will look like we are running through a door and not a wall!) while dodging screeching cars and explosions. I was to stop and pick up a more elder statesman, who was asked to stumble and fall (we have been on the run for many months' so our physical condition is suffering somewhat) in the dirt. My friend had been doing this for many years and knew a few tricks, so he informed me that he would make the recovery from the fall more pronounced, and possibly prolong any time in camera backshot. After take 30 he was feeling considerably heavier on my arm. I had never worked so hard...

I had now lost the old clothes and mud. I was a 'parent' along with a mother and her son. Shirt and tie for me in my Father-like role. The crew notes I received stated 'Main unit', so I knew that my prominence was raised, albeit only slightly, by the presence of the main characters' for this scene.

We made our way to set (now a park in a different location) and were all finished after a couple of hours and only a few takes. Our 'family' had to walk behind the main actors and pretend to feed the ducks in the pond. I say pretend as originally we were provided with real food only for the floor manager to take it away as the ducks were being too noisy!"

O suposto texto apenas fala como seria feita a introdução do local,mostrando uma familia e também os atores principais.Não revela muita coisa mas pra quem sabe inglês ou curte esse tipo de curiosidade é sempre algo interessante de se ver

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